What People Are Saying.

It's early days for the team at All Class Timber Services as we venture into the world of wood, salvaging timber that may otherwise have been used as firewood on a cold winter's day. It's exciting times as we develop our raw timber furniture range and we're pleased to be able to share some comments and feedback from customers who have given us the opportunity to provide them with that unique piece or solution.


Deodar Cedar Wedding Guest 'Book'

We purchased the piece for our wedding as a take on the traditional signing book. You guys sent us a testing piece which we used to test what markers would work without ruining the wood. The pictures I have sent is of the piece with the legs on, and lacquered twice. We will then get people to sign it at our wedding and seal it in with another coat. We are in love with the piece and it's better than we could have ever imagined. Our wedding guests will love it to, as you just don't see this type of thing done that often, it is unique! The fact that you guys clear already fallen or dead trees is a massive bonus as my fiance is a bit of a hippy and being able to re-use something that has come naturally from the earth was a big factor. The fact that you dry the piece and ship it out gives the buyer free rain when it comes to how they want the end product to look, however it was not sealed quickly and did start to crack as you can see in the last picture. We are completely aware that that is an error on our part not yours. A bit of putty and sealing the piece stopped that from getting worse. Your prices are fair and competitive and I would always see what you had in stock before looking elsewhere. Once again thank you so much for this beautiful piece of life, history and art. Mark Roach, Melton West

Red Gum Burl Table with Hair Pin Legs & Wall Art Feature, Red Gum 'Lizard' Table, Red Gum Side Table and Red Gum 'Burnt Edge' Serving Board with Black Handles

Simon & Luke, with pleasure we provide the following: We found you very accommodating in providing beautiful timber pieces tailored to our measurements. You provided us with custom made specific timber furniture which we are proud to have in our home. Ken & Sue Clark, Mittagong