Red Gum Timber Slab

Feature Timber.

Milling English Oak

Structural Timber.

Bespoke Feature Furniture

Feature Furniture.

Natural variation and beautiful imperfections are the essence of feature timber, providing each piece with its unique character.

Structural timber, hardwood or softwood, is specially selected for its application. It is milled and then graded depending on the utility value being sought.

Our bespoke furniture and joinery designs set the standard in natural timber craftsmanship. When it comes to design, nature is our inspiration.

Handcrafted woodworking household smalls

Household Smalls.

Timber blanks, billets and pieces for woodcraft


Firewood, wood chip, sawdust

Timber By-Products.

Our custom-made household smalls, made from locally sourced timber that is salvaged or reclaimed, offer a complement to any indoor setting.

Our wood-turning blanks and billets range is a veritable timber trove of excitement that caters for all of your wood-working needs.

Our ‘waste not, want not’ mantra ensures that we uphold our environmentally responsible approach by making the most of all that we mill, saw and craft.