About us.

Nestled in the spectacular Southern Highlands of NSW, All Class Timber Services is a professional timber management enterprise positioned to offer you a complete range of timber-related provisions; from tree felling and removal, milling and timber grading consultation, to construction supplies, feature timber, slabs and burls, woodworking blanks and handcrafted furniture.


With a combined 30 years' of wood-working experience, the team at All Class Timber Services has an intimate knowledge of softwood and hardwood timber species and is nationally accredited in visually stress grading softwood and hardwood, as well as appearance (feature) grading of seasoned hardwood timber. You can be assured that the guidance we offer you will be to the highest professional standard.


For finished timber products, your input drives the collaboration process to allow your tree or species selection to formulate your concept and deliver your finished design. We take pride in our ability to deliver exceptional bespoke furniture and custom joinery, and we guarantee our workmanship with a lifetime warranty on all pieces that bear the All Class Timbers brand.


As one of the world’s most threatened natural resources, we are cognisant of the very real threat that forests around the world continue to be subjected to. All of our timber products are sourced from private land through salvage and/or reclamation.


We are passionate about the versatility and distinctive qualities that timber has to offer. Our priority to you is the quality of our product and the excellence of our service, and we very much look forward to assisting you with your timber requirements.

Luke Reurich

I have always loved wood; for both its beauty and value. My father and my brothers were all involved in wood trades and as a child I would watch and try to learn. At fourteen years old, I started a woodturning business working with exotic and high-end timbers. At seventeen, I began my Carpentry and Joinery trade and also developed a passion for chainsaws and tree work. Since then, I have worked in the industry for over fifteen years.

Two years' ago, I saved a large quantity of perfectly good milling logs from becoming firewood. From this singular event, All Class Timber Services was inspired. I acquired a portable Lucas Mill, completed my training in advanced chainsawing and tree felling, and began using every part of a tree; from structural timber and enormous cross-sectional slabs, to firewood and sawdust. These services were soon in high demand from builders, cabinetmakers and property owners.

To date, I now have two Lucas mills, a kiln and a Woodwizz slab surfacer. My experience in carpentry and joinery, tree felling and milling puts me in the perfect position to complete your whole project; from cleaning up dead and dangerous trees to felling, milling, dressing and grading the timber that builds and furnishes your home. I am extremely passionate about this work and I would be delighted to provide any products and services you may require.

Sincerely, Luke Reurich.